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Rich Internet Application: Then and Now


There was a time when websites meant static pages with loads of information in them. All that changed with the introduction of graphics and Rich Internet Applications. RIA development is seen as one of the challenging and intriguing territories among website developers. RIA developers have added life to websites and made them more interactive. RIAs are deployed across browsers and developed using Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Flex, Ajax, Java, WPF etc. With only a few websites having adopted RIAs to promote themselves there is tremendous potential in the platform which is why technical experts are terming it as next logical step in Internet's evolutionary process.

RIAs have combined the rich intuitive experience of desktop applications with the power and rich of the Internet. They provide a great user experience by encompassing audio and visual elements. Businesses like e-commerce and those which are heavily customer centric are gaining heavily using Rich Internet Applications. This has helped businesses increase their customer base by substantial numbers as the quality of their online service has seen significant improvement.

Most businesses outsource RIA development to offshore RIA development centers in countries like India and Philippines. Here these applications are developed by experienced developers to suit a customer's specific demands. These experts handle your custom development projects to brand your business at the same time meet all your business needs with the application. What's more the cost of application development in these countries is lower, thanks to the low cost of hiring well trained technical labor.

How RIAs Have Changed the Internet

Traditionally all processing was done on the server with a new webpage being downloaded each time a user clicked. Rich Internet Applications reduced bandwidth usage and server load as the processing was shared between the web server and the application server. This has also helped in reducing operational costs.
Rich Internet Applications have reduced multi-screen interface and is offering single application view to the users thereby reducing the business process significantly. This has helped in enhancing user productivity and satisfaction.
Websites had to be flipped back and forth if the user visited multiple pages in a website resulting in a slow and painstaking user experience. RIAs have changed the rules of the game with complex set of information with the ease of a desktop application.
RIAs help in tracking customer behavior efficiently as the application can classify and distinguish between customers automatically. Traditionally webmasters had to analyze huge volumes of data manually to study about customer behavior.
Web pages can be incrementally updated with the use of RIA which wasn't possible in the past. Also information can be fetched and displayed in anticipation of a user's response by tracking these common online habits.

Vishal Arora is an iPhone and Flash expert working as a technical writer with Evon Technologies, an offshore development company dealing with mobile, software, and web application development.

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