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AJAX stands asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new technology for developing the web applications. It was invented in 2005 for loading the webpage contents. It is used to enable the web applications to extract the data in servers. Web applications extract the data in asynchronous manner. AJAX supports all the web browsers, because AJAX applications are not platform dependent. In this technology the data is extracted by using XML HTTP request object. It is used to exchange the information from server to client. There are two ways for extract the data from server that are Make an HTML form

Use post to extract the data

AJAX based on the following web standards that are HTML


In AJAX, JavaScript uses the XML HTTP request to communicate with server. It uses HTTP request, the webpage request and get the reply from the server. AJAX tag is an open source project. AJAX tag is a JSP tags that are used in java script server pages. AJAX tag is a combination of java classes and java script source files. Functions of AJAX tags are Auto complete.

Call out
Drop down
Update field
AJAX control toolkit

It is an open source project. This is a combination of ASP.NET, Microsoft and it provides to write reusable, extensible ASP.NET extenders and controls. It contains more than 30 controls that are used to create rich web pages. AJAX sea dragon toolkit used to make an image full screen and it enables to pan, zoom and it enables to perform file upload without doing a post back.

AJAX web services

It is used to access the web services from client script web pages. Client script web pages communicate with the server by using communication layer and it is used to make web calls. The web calls are done by using proxy classes. A proxy classes is a script that are generated by server. Proxy class represent the client object method of web service. The communication layer contains the information about client script types. It supports the complexity application between client and server. Server architecture consists of server communication layer with HTTP handler, custom services, and page methods.


it provides a way for user to interact with a website without refreshing. In this technology, server provides only the required information to client and it save bandwidth. Usability it decreases the use of bandwidth.



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